As a new studio, our collective experience and skill is being entirely focused on the creation of our flagship launch title - Project Titan: Infiltration

Below are a few screen grabs from our development prototype to give you a feel for the gameplay and styling. The all link through to the Titan-RTS.com website where you can find a wealth of further information!

Base Building

Varied Base Building

Facilities and outposts provide a wide range of capabilities. Planning their Resource Transport Network topology is a critical strategy!

Expansive Visas

Stunning Expansive Views

With individual island maps ranging from 50 to over 4,000 sq. km and employing nearly a dozen seperate biomes across them, scale and diversity hit you in the feels...

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Awsome Combat Units

With nearly two dozen different types of energy and projectile weapons, all being highly customisable, there are always new ways to give your enemy a very bad day!


Extensive Research

Researching units, weapons, and technology is key to success. With fine grain control over six different aspects of each, you can always play your game, your way!

Automate Tasks

Automate the Mundane

Gamess are made to be fun, for complex games this is not always the case so choose how much of the mundate but important work you want to automate so you can focus on fun.

Building Internals

Explore Units Built

Every facility, outpost, mobile unit, and even your star ship will have fully explorable, detailed interiors, interaction with which can have very real in game consequences...

Strategise from Orbit

Strategise from Orbit

The strategic gameplay happend from the relative saftey of the battle bridge in orbit. Give high level strategic orders to you AI's and interact with units planet-side vide the holo-table's digital map.'

Extensive Road Networks

Extensive Road Networks

A network of dirt tracks and tarmac roads greatly increase speed and reduce the fuel required to cover ground, but they are of strategic value so defend them well as the enemy will be using them too!

Time of Day Lighting

Time of Day Lighting

Missions on a given map can take place at any time of day and any time of year. Replaying a map at a different time of day/year impacts the weather and ambient temperature which will, in turn, effect various technology.

Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather

Weather is effected by lattitude and time of day/year. It has a significant impact on game strategy as rain, fog, and snow greatly alter sensor and countermeasure resolution making you and them harder to spot!

Detailed Biomes

Detailed Biomes

Biomes are all procedurally generated, before beign hand tuned, which allows for very high levels of detail on the grand scale found across our maps. Different biomes effect classes of unit in different ways; an important strategic consideration.

Varied Combat Units

Varied Combat Units

Its not just ground units at your disposal, as the game develops, you will gain access to drones, wing suits, ships, subs, even hover craft - all with unique strengths and weaknesses to be leveraged and exploited...